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Our Work

SucSeed Foundation promotes and fosters education and knowledge building through numerous programs and initiatives. Learn more about our work in the classroom and community. 


SucSeed In The Classroom

SucSeed Foundation funds agriculture and sustainability programs in classrooms across Canada. Teachers can apply to receive a hydroponic kit and class sessions to help educate students on agriculture, healthy eating, nutrition and sustainability.

Community Workshops

SucSeed Foundation hosts workshops online and in-person to spread knowledge and awareness of a wide variety of topics related to agriculture, food security and sustainability. Topics include: hydroponic growing, outdoor growing, food miles, food waste prevention, climate change, water conservation, supporting local, composting, and reducing, reusing and recycling. 

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Educational Resources

SucSeed Foundation has a collection of educational resources for a variety of ages. These resources can be used at home, in the classroom, or online to help people gain knowledge on and awareness of sustainability practices, the importance of agriculture, food security, healthy eating, and nutrition.

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